Quick Mec

toolholders: quick mec

Innovative toolholders to use on squaringedgebanding, machines for flooring or other types.
They have: radial and axial adjustment to elimate construction mistakes of the motor spindles; double shaft (cylindical to make mounting of the tool easier, conical to elimante inaccurancies between tool and toolholder); quick clamping and unclamping of the tool eliminates the "expensive" disalignments of the motors from the working area during tool change, slightly improving security conditions for those who have to act manually inresticted and dangerous working places.

Self-fitting drum

portautensili tamburo autecontrante

These toolholders having axial and radial adjustment to eliminate mistakes given by the run out tollerance of the motor spindles. you can use them on squaringedgebanding, machines for flooring and other types.


portautensili mozzo

Hubs are traditional toolholders without any axial and radial adjustment.
You can use on squaringedgebanding, moulder machines or other types.