finishing heads and jointing cuttersThe finishing heads and jointing cutters range is extremely wide with more than 500 different kinds.

Therefore, thanks to the large number of possible combinations - fixed, adjustable, symmetric and asymmetric - Utensil Tre is able to offer to the customers a choice of products depending on the goals to achieve.
The new "Max Line" finishing heads are higly recommended for squaring laminate covered cabinets, boards with delicate coating. It can also work as antichipping during 2nd pass (transversal). Max Line has the new concept and update design ensuring excellent performance. A higher number of tips helps a more homogeneous smashing of the material; large shear angles define a more gradual cut and excellent finishing even with extreme working conditions (delicate and crystalline coverings). These tools are able to maximize the performance of the machines and can work up to 100 min/min. feed rate.
New "composite shear angle" finishing heads with special tips' positioning for delicate coverings.